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FAST 15 Minute Fitting

In one quick and easy visit, we’ll take a mould of your mouth and help you to choose from a range of durability, colour and style options to suit your needs.


All custom mouthguards are health fund claimable making them easy on the wallet. Check with your health fund for your rebate eligibility.

Made By Dental Professionals

All of our mouthguards are made onsite in our laboratory by fully qualified dental professionals, ensuring a great fit and ultimate protection.

Custom mouthguards protect against life changing injury. Are you making the right choice?

Each year, thousands of adults and children are treated for dental injuries sustained through sport. Injuries are a real risk, and can happen to anyone, of any age. A blow to the face can cause severe damage to the cheek, jaw and mouth. And the loss of a tooth will impact your life forever as you’re faced with costly dental implants or similar.

Here are some of the typical injuries you may suffer:

These types of accidents are distressing, inconvenient and expensive. But you’ll be even more upset if you discover after the fact, that an injury may have been avoided, or minimised, by a wearing a custom mouthguard.

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A custom mouthguard is the most responsible choice of protection

If you’re buying a mouthguard for yourself or your children, you’ll want a reliable, quick and affordable solution. You may be tempted to choose an over-the-counter option, believing it will be ‘good enough’. Unfortunately, these types of mouthguards fit poorly and don’t offer the same protection. They’re bulky and uncomfortable and are often never worn.

A TUFF custom mouthguard is made to fit your mouth by a qualified dental professional. It is thinner, more comfortable to wear and incorporates shock absorbing technology.

The Australian Dental Association recommends a custom mouthguard as the best protection against injury.

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