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Sports mouthguards perfect for football, soccer, boxing and hockey

The high risk of dental injury through sport

If you engage in any activity where there’s a danger of being knocked or bumped, a sports mouthguard is essential. Accidents strike without warning and are not exclusive to high-risk activities or contact sports. Of the countless injuries sustained through sporting accidents each year, many of these are dental related.
Wearing a custom-fitted sports mouthguard will help to cushion an unexpected blow to the face. It can minimise the risk of jaw or cheek fracture and even unconsciousness. And it protects you from painful injuries like chipped or broken teeth and cuts to the gum, mouth and tongue.

Recovery from dental injury can be painful, lengthy and costly. It will far outweigh the cost of a custom-fitted mouthguard. You can avoid unnecessary risk by making a mouthguard a compulsory part of your sporting uniform.

Why a custom-fitted sports mouthguard is better

There is a growing realisation that over-the-counter mouthguards are ill-fitting, uncomfortable to wear and offer minimal protection.

A ‘stock’ mouthguard is worn ‘as is’, without any contouring to the individual’s mouth. It offers little comfort and may even lacerate the mouth. ‘Boil and bite’ mouthguards do not provide an exact fit and often cause gagging. They tend to be bulky, loose and can even restrict breathing.

Australia’s peak sporting body, Sports Medicine Australia and the Australian Dental Association both recommend a custom-fitted mouthguard for the best protection against injury. This type of mouthguard is fitted and fabricated by an experienced dental professional. It is designed to fit your mouth perfectly, delivering an optimum level of performance.

Benefits of a custom-fitted sports mouthguard

  • Superior protection
  • Greater comfort
  • Clearer speech
  • Easier breathing
  • Choice of three durability types
  • Range of colours and design
  • Pressure formed

If you’d like to arrange a fitting, just fill in your details and we’ll contact you quickly to book a consultation. Or, if you’d prefer to talk, please call us on (02) 4760 2337.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between an over-the-counter and custom-fitted mouthguard?
  • An over-the-counter ‘stock’ mouthguard is pre-formed, without any level of shaping or trimming to suit the player’s mouth. While inexpensive, it is bulky and uncomfortable. It can make your speech and breathing difficult and can even lacerate the mouth. This mouthguard offers the least amount of protection and is not recommended by dental professionals.
  • A ‘boil and bite’ mouthguard is shaped to the teeth using the fingers and bite pressure. It is not an exact fit, so provides little comfort. This type of mouthguard tends to lose its shape, become loose and is often not worn. It can also increase the likelihood of dental damage.
  • Made from thermoformed plastic, a custom mouthguard is moulded exactly to your mouth shape by a qualified dental professional. It is thinner and fits securely, providing optimum comfort and the best protection against injury.
How often will my TUFF sports mouthguard need to be replaced?

Your custom-made mouthguard will last one to two years, depending on the age of the player. Children up to the age of 15 will require a new mouthguard each year. Older children and adults should have their mouthguard checked yearly, as it may show signs of wear depending on the amount of usage.

Where should I keep my mouthguard?

It’s a good idea to store your mouthguard in its case whenever it’s not in use. This way it will be protected from any unforeseen damage. Do not leave your mouthguard in direct sunlight or a hot car, as this could cause it harm.

How do I clean my mouthguard?

Keep your mouthguard clean by rinsing it under running water (not hot) before and after each use. Periodically, leave it to soak in a sink filled with lukewarm water – you could add mouthwash to the water, rinsing after soaking. Never use regular toothpaste, as this will damage your mouthguard.

Will my mouthguard affect the way I breathe, speak or drink?

Your TUFF sports mouthguard has been made to fit your teeth exactly. You should be able to breathe, speak and swallow as normal.

What should I do if my mouthguard feels uncomfortable?

A custom made mouthguard should never feel uncomfortable or sore. If you do experience pain, then call us right away. Do not attempt to adjust the mouthguard yourself.

Can I claim my mouthguard through my private health insurance?

Most private health funds will offer a rebate on the cost of your mouthguard, making it more affordable than you may realise. Check with your health fund provider to confirm your level of cover.

Can I wear a TUFF sports mouthguard with orthodontics?

We can make a custom-fit mouthguard that fits over your orthodontic braces. You will need to have your mouthguard checked regularly for any tooth movement which may affect the fit.

What happens if I lose my mouthguard?

We can print your name and contact details inside the mouthguard for easy identification. We also keep our teeth impressions for xx months, so if there has been no change to your teeth, we can make a replacement mouthguard for you quickly and conveniently.

How do I know if I’ve grown out of my mouthguard?

If you start to experience sore spots or rubbing, we recommend a quick appointment so we check if it’s in alignment. Your mouthguard must fit you comfortably to ensure the best protection.

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